Preferred Client Plan

To maintain your professional online image, it’s important to review the site content on a regular basis. Improper grammar, spelling, and styling can impact the critical first-impression you make on your visitors. CAL Design will work to keep a close eye on your site content and keep you looking fresh!

How the Program Works

We examine and evaluate the following to make certain your site is flawless every month:

Spelling and grammar check
Content, and we offer suggestions
Pages of your site for readability
Styling and layout
Usability and site experience
Finally, we recommend improvements on calls to action and conversion forms

Benefits of Being a Preferred Client

Priority Scheduling

With the Preferred Client Plan, you will have priority placement in our production queue. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll give you a specific email address to contact us directly for updates or fixes. Just one email stating your request automatically secures your priority placement in our service queue.

Quick Turnaround

In the online world, rapid response is essential. Being a Member means saving time by bypassing the typical new-project process, not having to waste time providing and approving estimates, and most items have a 24-hour turnaround time.

Cost Savings

By having a Preferred Client Plan, you get the benefit of saving money on our services. By locking in our regularly-scheduled support plan, it allows us to reward you with heavily discounted production rates.

Personalized Programs

CAL Design has multiple customized package options for our preferred client program. Please contact us for package details and pricing.